Tuesday, August 13, 2013


July was a month of celebrations. Well I guess that depends on your definition of celebration. Here are my definitions:

4th of July with all of the volunteers in the country at a beach in the eastern part of El Salvador. It included the finest of American things found in El Salvador: water balloons, ridiculous games, and overall debauchery. I wish I had a good picture of this event, but I don't. I am sure you can picture it though... 

Shortly thereafter I celebrated being parasite free at my close of service complete medical exam. Yay for coming home healthy! 
YAY for zuccini keeping home gurl healthy.
or it might be the vitamins from my watermelon consumption...

Dia de Alumno: celebrating all the students at the school. It included pinatas, a clown, and a show put on for the students. Here are the kids collecting all the candies from the floor. Semi organized chaos...
Then the youth group and I were able to celebrate reaching our fundraising goal of $1100.00 and buy our VERY OWN SOUND SYSTEM for Dia de Comercio! Needless to say, we were (are) happy!
This month I also had the pleasure of celebrating the amazing accomplishment of my good friend and fellow volunteer Mike. He finished his classroom made out of trash and plastic bottles!!!! I took my community on an excursion to visit his site and see his school. It was a fun day and my community is more motivated to begin this project on their own! Hopefully one day there will a classroom out of bottles in Upire or in one of the surrounding communities.
Mike and my host mom!
The final celebration of the month was that the youth group and I finished painting our trash cans. Hopefully the BRIGHT colors will make people want to actually throw the trash in the cans. One can dream, right?!

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