Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Closing Time

Well I believe it is time to close this blog up. I should have ended it over a month ago when I finished my time in El Salvador, but buried deep in the process of leaving and closing my service, I could not find the words to wrap up two years in Peace Corps. After a month and a half of traveling (including many 12 hour bus rides of staring off into the distance) I think (think...) I can finally write this long awaited post.

I should start this post by saying that the conclusions I am about to draw after two years in Peace Corps El Salvador are not at all new or unique from the thousands of volunteers who have come before me. I think all of us finish with the desire to make some big, bold revelation to the rest of the populace. But most of the things we come up with have been said before, said more eloquently by someone else, and or are so cliche or obvious that at this point it is probably not worth much anymore.

For those reasons I will keep this post brief and to the point. The thing I most take away from Peace Corps is that every single place, person, and time has something to offer you should you let it. Therefore, try everything once, keep patience in your back pocket, and never underestimate your ability to adapt to the most frightening conditions.

I am thankful to Peace Corps for randomly sending me to El Salvador, for introducing me to a small little country with incredible people and communities, and for giving me the greatest group of best friends anyone could ask for.

Now for a photo recap of the greatest back packing trip of a lifetime!

Starting in Nicaragua- Island of Ometepe  
Waterfall and freezing

Made to La Fortuna Costa Rica!

Weirdest border crossing ever?

Copan, Honduras
bargaining in Chichi market!

Getting boots made in Antigua, Guatemala
Semuc Champey!
Getting down with tradition on Independence Day in Guatemala! (tradition is to soak runners with water--google it)

McDonalds in Antigua-Awesome place to hang out.

So those are a few pictures just to give you an idea. It has been incredible but now I am coming home!!!!!!!! APPLES beware!!! I am coming for you!!!!!!