Snapshots of Service

This year 50 Peace Corps Volunteers, including myself, will be participating in a project called "Snapshots of Service." As the representatives of 50 different countries that PC sends its volunteers, we will have a unique opportunity to collaborate on one project designed to show a snapshot of each volunteer's service at two different points.

We will be shipping a journal between us for the duration of our services and each volunteer will receive the journal twice. During that time, we will add pictures, sketches, poems, doodles, mini-journal entries, anecdotes, or anything we want to a two-page spread. Whatever we feel will show where we are in our service at that time. Then we pass the journal along to the next person in line, and so on, and so on. Eventually, the journal will make its way back to me and I will have another opportunity to provide another snapshot into my life as a PCV. Since there are 50 volunteers and only 100 pages in the journal, there will be two volumes of the project with two different sets of volunteers. At the end, we will have a creation that is unique to us and able to be shared with others in the Peace Corps community.

No, 50 is not just a random number. It just so happens that 2011 (the year we all leave for service) is the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps! So 50th anniversary, 50 countries, 50 volunteers.

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