Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bonnaroo Preparation

I probably should not be writing a post on preparing for Bonnaroo given that I have never been before. But even in our first time doing something, we prepare in some way. So here is my preparation. It is Sunday morning and my best friend Julia and I are scheduled to leave tomorrow. The preparation thus far includes having a tent, a lantern, some chairs, and a vague idea of who we want to see. We also have planned a half way stop in Blacksburg/Roanoke on request of our family members who are not confident in our driving abilities for 13 hours straight. I have also planned a trip (probably on the way back) to this:

This afternoon we are hitting the grocery store to stock up on some necessary items including the following: caffeine source, gatorade/propel, water, bread, peanut butter, trail mix, granola bars, dry cereal, crackers, bananas, apples, oranges, etc. We are trying to avoid paying any money inside at all costs. We are also keeping our camp site as low maintenance as possible, so we are not bringing many cold items or any items one must cook. We will probably get a lot of ice right before entering (cheaper) and then focus on consuming those items more quickly as the ice thaws. As volunteers we are given a few meal coupons, so there will be a few times of gorging on fair-like food to get us through.

As I mentioned, our camp site is going to just suffice as a resting spot. We are not really planning on making it too complicated. Julia's family is giving us the van, so if things turn bad in terms of weather, we can always vacate to the van for shelter. So we are sticking to the following items: tent, chairs, lantern, flashlights, air mattress, sheets, blankets, pillows, tarp. I think that should cover the basics.

As for the "vague" schedule. Well we are going to plan more of that today. We are going to cross reference our MUST SEE people and then plan accordingly. Then after that scope out some new people to just show up and check out. This will leave plenty of time to volunteer, but also time to visit the new water slide, check some comedy shows, and of course visit the silent disco. I am so so so so amped for this.

I know this post may come up in a search engine and most people are going to be looking for drug and alcohol related preparation. You aren't getting that here. Sorry. Keeping this thang PG, my friends. Well most of the time.

Here is to a safe and kick ass Bonnaroo time. And one of the last and final trips with my best friend before Peace Corps. Yay.

Post script Bonnaroo preparation: Freelance Whales. :)


  1. One thing I would add to your shopping list are camelbaks (the backpack water bottle things) throughout the festival there are free stations to fill them up at and they are a super cheap alternative to buying water from vendors. This will be my second bonnaroo I wrote about my first year experience and how I plan on making it better this year if you want to check it out...

  2. Thank you so much John. I appreciate your feedback and your postings. Good advice. I actually have a camelbak in tow! To be honest, now I actually already creeped on your list of music choices too. Definitely some of the ones I want to see too. :)