Monday, May 30, 2011

To sir with love: Happy Memorial Day

I took this picture in Boston this past week. I am posting it because although Memorial Day is for honoring those who lost their lives in every war: Afghanistan and Iraq signify the wars of my generation to date.

To be honest I probably would have never taken this picture a year or two ago. I was not always that supportive of the armed forces. I mean I have always loved America, but I have always just found our wars, extreme use of hard power, and military force disgusting. And for the life of me I could not completely separate that from the people involved. I am really sorry. And I mean really sorry for that. I will always be sorry for those past feelings.

But this past year I met someone who changed my view of the men and women of the armed forces for the better. And I am forever in debt. Because I really do feel like I am in good hands now. And I am so very grateful for that. I am grateful that you taught me to open my mind just a little bit more. I am grateful that you taught me about you. And what you stand for. Because that is something I can always support and believe in wholeheartedly. I know that you are a person and a truly good one at that.

So to that sir with love, thank you, and Happy Memorial Day. Today, I hope the sun shines and it is a beautiful day.

(I would also like to thank all those (sirs and maims) out there now and those who have lost their lives serving this country.)

Appropriate Song: For Good: Wicked Cast

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