Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yo Hablo Espanol?!

On Friday February 11th I received the call I have been waiting for! My Placement Officer called me while I was at work ready to discuss my application. I had about a half hour left of work, so I told him I would call him back immediately after my shift. We talked for about 15 minutes about whether or not Peace Corps was still something I was interested in, what I have been up to post graduation, and then my assignment. Of course as I suspected he told me that I could no longer depart in March and keep my original nomination. But I was still a wonderful applicant and he wanted to offer me an invitation. HAPPY DANCE.

This is where the story gets good. The above is what typically happens to Peace Corps applicants about 60% of time. They think they are going somewhere and end up somewhere else. But in my case I think my change in assignment is a dramatic case of irony. During my interview my recruiter made it seem that Spanish speaking countries typically take people who studied it in college and are practically fluent in the language. However, my Placement Officer was thrilled that I had taken it in middle and high school. He could not believe that this skill was overlooked. This means that the LAST place in the world that I ever thought I would go is where I am headed. Ironic?! I had not even considered a Spanish speaking nation. Haha. This is what I love about the Peace Corps. Sheer surprise! Of course, the biggest surprise will be what country I actually get when my BIG BLUE packed arrives in the mail. I am waiting by the mail box anxiously.

I have to say that I think this new assignment will help me a lot more in my future endeavors. Spanish is a incredibly useful language rather than some crazy Eastern Europe one. Not that I would not have benefited from my time in Ukraine or Bulgaria, but I think becoming fluent in Spanish (inshallah, yes I miss Arabic) will be even better!

Now to go sit by the mail box with my book of 501 Spanish verbs!

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