Sunday, January 30, 2011

I am working on my Zen

I am trying my hardest to remain calm and not worry about the fact that I might not be leaving in March. The last contact I had with the Peace Corps was an email saying, "You should hear from your Placement Specialist no later than the first week of February if you are being invited to the program to which you were initially nominated." As February fast approaches, I am nervous. I have pretty much decided that I probably will not be leaving in March, which makes me incredibly sad, frustrated, and ultimately in limbo. However, cue "Let it Be" by the Beatles. I am not in CONTROL. And I can do nothing about this. This is where you learn flexibility and patience. Thank you Peace Corps for my first lessons. Although I knew this prior to going in, it is hitting me hard now like a slap in the face.

I have been spending this wonderful time awaiting contact from the Peace Corps doing various things.
1. I spent some time in Pittsburgh with my best friend Julia
2. I have been reading everything and anything on my Kindle. Recent reads: 1. Down the Nile 2. A House in Fez 3. What's Right With Islam 4. Room 5. Anna Karenina
3. I have been glued to Al-Jazeera following the Arab world (so crazy to think I was just in Egypt in October)
4. Teaching myself to breakdance via YouTube. (No, this will not be helpful for the Peace Corps)
5. Failing at Operation Bacon. Yes, I suck at Meat Eating. Please do not judge me until I get my country assignment.

I have been doing some volunteering at the local food bank and I am about to start my temporary job to make some money, so I am not a complete waste of space since graduating!

Until I hear...

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  1. I think we're very much in the same boat...or at least a very similar one. I'm also currently waiting to hear from a Placement Officer. I was nominated for an English Teaching program in Eastern Europe for March 2011. However, my medical paperwork took a while to complete and I now doubt I'll be leaving in March.

    I noticed you're from Delaware--I grew up in Dover! Small world...!

    Anyway, good luck with the rest of your process!