Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Great Hike

This is going to be a picture driven post for once! I finally got a camera here, which means I can make up for the fact that you probably are wondering what the hell El Salvador looks like from my eyes. This may get the party started! Here's the background to my 15 round trip hour hike:

A few weeks ago Jesse (close volunteer to me in Las Marias) had his parents visit El Salvador. I even blogged about this trip that I took with them to visit Corinto. Well, after that we decided that we would complete the trip to Corinto again but this time on foot. The best part about it was that there are two volunteers (Tricia and Courtney) outside of Corinto that also decided to join us. I never expected it to come through to fruition but I guess we just had a lot of ganas to do this hike! So, it started with Jesse and I waking up at 5:45 on Sunday and we walked to to their sites, then stayed the night (I with Tricia in La Alto and Jesse in Courtney's site), and then the next day the four of us walked back through my Caserio (stopped for a refregerio) to Jesse's site and then stayed the night there. Then the following day Tricia and Courtney walked back to Corinto and I walked back to Upire.

The trip was a blast! It was beautiful ( I would try to explain the wild life, nature, and terrain, but I cannot do it justice-look below for pictures), filled with great conversation, funny moments, and some awesome exercise. Plus, a way to see my bffl Tricia from training who is far away by bus (5 hours). :) Shout out to the three of them though for the great time: Jesse and his hospitality (pancakes, oatmeal, and other American goodies) and fun times during our 7 hour hike alone, Tricia for her hospitality at her site and host families house and for constantly listening to me ( I am on the phone with her everyday no joke), and Courtney who I really just met, but I loved hanging out with and getting to know too! Great group. One of the best parts of Peace Corps is definitely time with other volunteers! :)

It was definitely hard though ( Did I really use to run marathons?). 7 hours there, big inclines, lots of falling, hot sun, little chances to buy water, sun burn, blisters, soreness, 8 hours back, and much much more.

I am going to stop talking and post pictures...

I love my life. I literally walked to a friend who lived 5 hours a way by bus and in another department of the country. How cool is that? Plus, just look at where I live!!!!

Life is so beautiful sometimes. I am so lucky.


  1. Love, love, love the post & pictures . . . they are sunny and beautiful and your happiness shines through! Aunt Laurie xoxo

  2. Hi honey,,what and amzing hike.The area and mountains are gorgeous.Looks to be a peaceful place.All that waling wow!!! but it seems that you were in great company!! I love the pictures .Your guys look like official hikers.
    Mom mom will be glad to see her gift is in motion...glad the new camera is going to wonderful us.My favorite is the one of you up top with your hands up in the air.!!!! its so you and My sister is right.Your smile says it all!! thanks for bring this beautiful county into ours lives!!!