Friday, November 11, 2011

Training Round 2

Remember San Vicente? Remember San Esteban Catarina? Well, I am back for training part two. I do not have much to report in the sense that it is going to interest you all. It is more interesting for me. We are learning about all the stuff we could potentially do in our sites. Yes, the really useful information we have all been dying for this entire time. Anything from how to make pinatas to how to teach English to how to work with your local community organization to make it stronger. These are wonderfully amazing sessions. The only downside to training is that it is so long and tiring. Additionally, it has already been one of the most overwhelming experiences thus far. And here's why:

You are presented with tons of really cool ideas that you would love to see in your site. It looks so great in a powerpoint presentation given by a volunteer who has been here for 1 year and is super confident and awesome. *Intimidating* Then they present just how hard it was to get done, everything that went wrong (welcome to El Salvador), and then how hard it is to get money. *Damn*

I keep reminding myself how long and hard development is and to just try and slow down my thoughts. My community still needs to get to know me and I still need to get to know them. We still need to talk more about priorities and figure out what things are sustainable out there in the boonies.

On the upside of training--it is amazing to see my friends, hang out with my old host family, and eat everything I don't have access to in the campo (rural countryside). Although, everyone here just keeps telling me how fat I have gotten since I left, which is just fantastic for the self confidence. I try to remind myself that Salvadorans love to say that you even if it is not true (although it probably is) and love the idea that you are bigger in general. But in my American I want to be skinny mind frame (yes I will admit it) it just sucks. But I am also being told that my Spanish has improved so much, which if I am fatter because I have been sitting in houses, eating pan dulce, and talking in Spanish for hours it is all good. Right...perfectly justified.. Moving on...

The other upside of training is that we do have a few field trips planned, a few hotel stays, and the end includes Thanksgiving at the Embassy!, and our Swearing in party. LOTS OF FUN! So it is all going to be worth it in the end.

Love to all<3

post script: getting my first hair cut on next Sunday....let's see how it goes...maybe ill do before and after shots :)

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