Friday, October 21, 2011


I wish I could end my lack of blogging streak with a more creative title, post, or even something more interesting to talk about, but unfortunately I cannot. I know I have not blogged in a long time which would typically indicate that I would have something awesome to report. However, the amount of rain has clouded my ability to remember anything else but the never ending freezing cold rain. I will stop the complaining now because this rain that I am referring to has been devastating - leaving thousands people hungry, homeless, and without all of their belongings (including the loss of their crops). So, I will take this time now to be grateful that I live high up here in the mountains in El Salvador and we have escaped this storm relatively unscathed. We are just suffering from icy cold temperatures, a lack of dry clothing, wet/muddy streets, a lack of ability to leave or do anything, cabin fever, and some electricity loss.

Did I mention the cabin fever? Yes, because I think as an American (or just my type A personality) with my constant need to be doing something, the cabin fever has been the worst. We literally have not left our house in about a week. I have done nothing but watch television, read, eat, and sleep. Classes have been canceled all week. And no one really has done much of anything.

At first I thought this was all a little bit of an exaggeration. Canceling classes all week for some rain? But then the reality of the rain and just how debilitating it is here has finally sunk in. I think in my American mind frame there is nothing wrong with a little bit of rain - and even with a lot of rain - generally a lot of business still goes on. But here the situation is very very different. Literally everything shuts down. But I think I can see why: it is not just a little bit of rain like we normally think of it. This is all day all night down pouring. Then on top of that there are no paved roads in my site which means endless mud, landslides, and the inability to go anywhere (of course, kids can't walk to school, buses can't get here, etc). I also have to point out here that none of us had any clothes for the longest time. Now I know this also seems a bit of an odd reason to not do anything, but seriously when you have no clean, dry clothes, can you actually go anywhere? Not really. So, I am actually beginning to understand the seriousness of "a little bit of rain" and just how big of an impact the weather can truly have.

*Here I have to add how point out how amazing it is in the United States the capacity we have to deal with natural disasters (usually) in a really effective way that does not completely shut down the entire country. I also have to mention my love for our paved roads too!*

Because of these things, I think in the United States the weather is sort of an afterthought at times. Yeah, we check it out to see how to dress sometimes, but is it really that big of a deal? We can so easily change our indoor environment to make us more comfortable (a/c, heat, etc). Here the houses are open and the water will get everywhere. Even more importantly when the weather hurts the food supply of a few farmers in the area, everyone suffers. It is truly devastating and I am finally beginning to understand the reason why Salvadorans will talk to you about the weather all day, everyday, multiple times a day! It is truly something to talk about.

Fortunately, I think we have reached the end of the storm. Gracias a Dios!

Yes, this Atheist just thanked God. That is a whole different post, but I have to add here that when you live as I do in an Evangelical community and there is something like this occurring in the country, you have no choice but to pray. And pray we do. However, I actually do not mind the praying. I actually find it to be a very peaceful event. I like when people come together to talk about how much they appreciate one another. I think we can all do more of that even if we are not religious.

I hope everyone is warm and dry in the states. I promise to actually update on my life soon with more to talk about than the rain!


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  1. Wow,now that some rain!!!!Im sorry to hear that the country is dealing with this,and pray for a full recovery.Im also intrigue with this post.I cant imagine and reminds me how we are all blessed here in the Usa, I remember last month Delaware was in complete mayhem over Hurricane Irene.You were probally hit ten times harder.Im glad your community over came from storm and rain..I will pray for the rest of central america,for a recovery from this.The most we think about how rain affects us,.is "oh its going to be a bad hair daY"..I will never say that again,I pray every night for you,Elsalvador and the people,,rain or shine..I love you