Thursday, July 28, 2011

I started PC with a bang...literally on the ground.

So you remember that last post? I sounded like I was living on cloud nine, right? Well things went downhill pretty quickly. After I signed out of the internet cafĂ© I went back to my host family and had dinner. After I ate dinner I knew something was about to go very wrong. I excused myself to my room immediately after dinner and began to feel abdominal pain, lightheaded, nausea, and so hot (Even for here). I knew something was wrong when I was shivering and sweating at the same time. It an extremely uncomfortable feeling. The night dragged on and around 1 a.m. I had to go to the bathroom (I won’t say anymore than that) but on my way to the bathroom apparently I passed out twice trying to get there (hence the bang from the post title). Don’t ask me why after I fell the first time and woke up (an unknown amount of time later) I thought it would be a good idea to keep trying to walk to the bathroom (all I can say in my defense apparently I really had to go). After I reached the bathroom, go, and mange to make it back to my room which took so much energy that I literally plopped into bed afterwards covered in dirt, sweat, and my own blood (following the epic fall in which I busted my lip, my elbows, knees, and shins). I am not sure if I slept or what but I just remember being hot and lying there until my host mom came in around 9 a.m saying how she was worried because I had not come out yet. She came in the first time and offered to get me something to eat or drink. A few minutes later she came back to clean up my wounds. Then she left again and came back offering to get me more things and then wanted me to call PC. I declined to call. But as soon as she left my room, she called PC and they called me and decided that they were going to take me to the hospital in San Salvador.
*Note: I just want to highlight here an important piece of information: PC took such good care of me. I was literally in a car on the way to the hospital in 15 minutes. The hospital, doctor, and care were excellent. And most importantly, I am so lucky that my host mother loved me like my own my mother would and called PC for me insisting that they come look at me. To all I am so grateful.

So I spent Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday morning in the hospital in San Salvador for a bacterial infection and a parasite. I won’t bore you with the details of lying in a hospital bed for a few days, watching television (Law and Order, Lost, Friends) and trying to understand what your nurses are telling you in a new language. The highlights were air conditioning, the hospital food (yes pathetic), and running water. Aside from that I was just sad because I missed some activities with my family on Sunday (day off) and Monday when we were supposed to shadow someone from our family all day. So that was a bummer. But I would say that biggest challenge was that my pride was smashed pretty rapidly. First, if you know me in the states you know the following things: 1. I never get sick 2. I hate taking medicine 3. I hate feeling vulnerable and admitting defeat 4. I hate when others have to take care of me ALL FOUR ACCOMPLISHED. But the more I am here the more I learn that PC is just an all around pride crushing experience. There really is no shame here. You just got to get over being embarrassed and having any sort of pride because it is going out the window. So yes I was the first person in my group sick. Done. No harm, foul.

I know all of this sounds really tough for a first weekend in the country. But I was actually in good spirits throughout the whole thing. So Mom please do not cry!! They offered to let me call you from the hospital but I knew it would be bad if I did. So I thought I would wait and tell you in the message later when I knew I was better. Don’t take it personally! I love you!

Anyways, I left the hospital on Tuesday morning and went to San Vicente where we were having a entire group meeting/health meeting in the office (this includes all 15 trainees not just those in my pueblo). It was nice to see everyone and hear their stories from the weekend. Everyone was so nice and concerned for me. It is nice to know that there are people here who really do have your back and know what you are going through.

Today (Wednesday) we had our first all day Spanish class. I feel pretty good health wise, especially since I left the hospital yesterday. It was long and tiring, but I know the length of studying will help us get better, faster. We went to one of the local schools today to meet the director, but he had a meeting he had to be at, so it has been to be rescheduled. After that we had papusas tonight. Yum! Then we played Frisbee in the park. Now I am studying Spanish!

That is all for now. I know I promised pictures but my access to anything is very limited. I will work on it for next post. I just need to plan better. I hope everyone in the states is well. If you want to be awesome send me an email especially if you want to help me out with what is going on in the world. I feel so lost. I did catch that Amy Winehouse died and apparently we’re in countdown to default…I wont say anymore…

Mom, I hope you are not crying.

Love to all!


  1. Well. niece. you made me smile! XO

  2. Im doing that breathing thing you so love (heheheh ahhh)..Im so glad that host mom was on her game,can you live with her the next 2+ years. Please
    stay safe,,xxoo
    love your real mom :))))